Survey Results: Plastic or Paper Food Packaging?

Earth911 survey results

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Thanks to those of you who responded to last week’s survey, Plastic or Paper Food Packaging?

Here’s how Earthlings responded to the question, “Do you prefer plastic or paper food packaging?”:

  • No, I prefer paper packaging, even when I can’t see the food inside: 36 percent
  • I prefer hybrid plastic-paper packaging so the contents can be inspected: 13 percent
  • I buy bulk and bring my own reusable packaging: 29 percent
  • I prefer plastic, but I recycle every piece: 21 percent
  • I prefer plastic packaging and don’t recycle enough of my waste: 1 percent

Be sure to respond to this week’s survey, What Would You Value Most in a Sustainable Economy? We will report the results next week and post another question.

If you have suggestions, questions, or other ideas to share with the community, please start or join a conversation in the Earthling Forum.

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