All You Ever Wanted To Know About Recycling…And Then Some

OK – we admit it, we’re suckers for great content coupled with pretty pictures.  When the pictures actually teach too, well what’s not to like?  You don’t have to answer that question by the way.

In the smorgasbord that is the Internet, we’ve come across just this scenario via Recycle Me This – Be A Better Recycler, authored by Andrea Moore, covers all you ever wanted to know about recycling and then some.

Ever wonder which country recycles the best?  Almost sounds like an Olympic sport, doesn’t it?


Fix has come up with all kinds of other informative content and imagery such as;

  • The paper trail – what happens with your recycled paper?
  • Sorting plastics
  • Life cycle of cans and bottles

Ready to start recycling paper, plastic, aluminum and 100’s of other materials?  Time to visit the Earth911 recycling guide and recycling search.  Now, to the other pretty pictures…




A big thank you to the folks at for letting us republish all the infographics for this post.

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