Students Show How Cars Are Recycled

Car Recycling

When automobiles in the U.S. are no longer fit to hit the road, most are recycled. What do they become? Many adults don’t know the answer to that question, but thanks to a recent contest from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and JASON Learning, there are plenty of kids who could tell you all about it.

Students across the country competed to create public service announcements about car recycling in the form of a poster or video, with prizes including a trip to ISRI’s annual convention in Vancouver, B.C., on the line.

Georgina Cahill, an 11th grader from Greenwich, Conn., took home the top video prize with this clay animation video:

The winning poster came from Caitlin Tynanes, a seventh grader from Kapolei, Hawaii:

Car Recycling

And it was Elizabeth Korn, a seventh grader from Plainview, N.Y., who snagged the middle school video award with this two-minute entry:

“Most students have been exposed to recycling at the consumer level their whole life,” said JASON Learning Executive Vice President Patrick Shea. “They understand it in that way, and may even take it for granted. This year’s contest winners and finalists seized the opportunity to learn about the processes and benefits of industrial-scale recycling, and came up with incredibly creative and effective ways to convey what they learned to others.”

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