We Earthlings: Buy Less, Ship Slowly

We Earthlings

Did you know that shipping a product by air freight is 12.5 times worse for the environment than sea freight? When you ship by plane, your package will produce 12.5 times as much CO2 as if it were sent by boat. So, consider buying less or, at least, buying with less urgency to reduce your carbon footprint when shopping online. Use the longer boat trip to enjoy the anticipation of your purchase; the Earth will appreciate the change.

Data source: TimeforChange.org, CO2 emissions for shipping of goods

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Buy less, ship slowly.

This post was originally published on October 22, 2019.

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      For now, if there is not a “slow” method available the best way is to add a note to your order. If there is a comments or instructions field in the order form, add your request for a slower more sustainable shipping option than air freight.

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