We Earthlings: Let’s Recycle More Aluminum

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What connects us all? Nature and our shared relationships through nature.

Mining the bauxite that we use to produce aluminum is harmful to the earth, plants, and animals. And the process of converting raw bauxite into aluminum consumes a lot of energy. Thankfully, making new items from recycled aluminum avoids the environmental devastation of bauxite mining and uses requires less energy.

In 2018, U.S. aluminum recycling increased by 10.4 percent, but only 49.8 percent of aluminum produced was recycled. We’re recycling more aluminum, but we can do better — let’s take that number higher!

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U.S. aluminum recycling increased by 10.4% in 2018, but only 49.8% of aluminum produced was recycled. Let's take that number higher!

Data source: The Aluminum Association: The Aluminum Can Advantage

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