Donate Your Cell Phone to Aid 'Catastrophic' Haiti

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Tuesday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the island of Haiti has reportedly displaced 3 million people, trapped thousands in debris and may be responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands.

As aid workers try to sift through the aftermath, communication has become paramount – but limited. CNN reports that groups on the ground are asking for monetary donations, as supplies are still sparse. In response, ReCellular announced its Phones for Haiti program, calling on Americans to donate their used cell phones to provide disaster relief.

Reports from the ground say Haitian structures have crumbled and folded "like pancakes." Photo: Flickr/caritasinternationalis

Reports from the ground say Haitian structures have crumbled and folded “like pancakes.” Photo: Flickr/caritasinternationalis

“The devastation in Haiti is slowly becoming all too clear,” says Steve Manning, ReCellular CEO. “Sending in your used phone is a simple and effective way to help with the rescue and rebuilding efforts already underway.”

With more than 1 billion used phones sitting on household shelves, chances are you may have that old Nokia in a box at the top of your closet. But rummaging through your storage and donating that defunct phone may be instrumental in providing relief.

According to ReCellular, even if a small percentage of these phones were sent to Phones for Haiti, it would contribute millions of dollars towards relief from the devastating earthquake.

ReCellular will give 100 percent of the phone’s value as a contribution to the American Red Cross. Charities have already earned more than $20 million dollars in contributions through their partnerships with ReCellular.

With rescue missions already underway, Recellular says it is critical that funds get to the region quickly. By using the postage paid label (via the Web site), supporters can have their used phones to ReCellular within just a few days, allowing for the rapid distribution of funds.

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  4. I’d like to donate my old Verizon phone. This phone has a record of my current number that was transferred to another carrier and it cannot be deleted from the Verizon phone. Should I have concerns about this telephone number on the chip if I donate the phone to Haiti?

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