PepsiCo to Launch 100 Percent Plant-based Bottle


PepsiCo introduces 100 percent plant bottle. Photo: Courtesy PepsiCo

Is it Pepsi v. Coke all over again?

Today, PepsiCo Inc. unveiled a PET bottle made entirely from plants. The bottle looks and feels just like a regular petroleum-based plastic bottle, but relies on raw materials such as switch grass, corn husks and pine bark.

Coca-Cola Co.’s patented PlantBottle, which hit stores in 2009, is only 30 percent plant-based, but also includes recycled content. Heinz recently licensed Coke’s technology for its bottled ketchup.

Going forward, PepsiCo also plans to incorporate byproducts from its processed food business such as potato peels, orange peels and oat hulls into the green bottle. PepsiCo brands include Quaker, Tropicana and Frito-Lay.

Test bottles are expected to hit stores in 2012.

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