Research Suggests Going Green Can Increase Morale

Want to make your employees happier? Try going green. (Stock Photo)

What makes employees happier, working for a green company or working for a financially successful company? The answer may surprise you – especially considering the state of the economy.

In a study done by Cassandra Walsh and Adam Sulkowski from the Charlton College of Business at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the team compared the satisfaction of employees and perceived environmental performance of 113 companies and thousands of employees.

They found that there was a positive relationship between employee satisfaction and perceived company “greenness,” while there was no relationship between satisfaction and financial value.

The conclusion was that if companies start investing in sustainability programs and then heavily promoting their green efforts, they will likely increase recruitment, retention and employee morale.

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  1. I agree with this article. Additionally, I believe that green companies gave higher customer satisfaction ratings.

  2. I second the motion. I fully agree with this article that going green can increase morale. I personally experience it myself. Im working in a resource recovery company in Cebu, Philippines and served may local government units and observed that many wanted to be affiliated with us. They wanted to help in whatever way they can.
    After having seen our plant and the process we do in attaining zero wastes, many wanted to join our company even to people working with other companies. They wanted to jump in and join with us. See? I am really amazed at people, businesses who wanted to be identified as goind green.
    Thanks a lot guys,

  3. Thanks for this great read. More and more businesses too

    are going green, which is truly a welcome news for

    environmentalist out there. An example of this is the

    owner of the San Diego Sports Arena, shown here in a video

    interview with GreenopolisTV. Check it out.

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