10 Creative Ways to Reuse Extra Office Supplies

Choose office supplies that can be recycled and reused.
Image courtesy of Ana Dziengel/Babble Dabble Do

Image courtesy of Ana Dziengel/Babble Dabble Do

3. Rock quirky office supply jewelry

Mom, architect and Babble Dabble Do blogger Ana Dziengel admits that she’s “obsessed with office supplies” and hates to let shiny paper clips or neon-colored erasers go to waste.

In a reuse project she calls “partly for kicks and partly serious,” the crafty blogger dreamed up five fun and quirky jewelry designs made entirely from old office supplies.

From a rubber band and book ring belt to a statement necklace made from butterfly clips, check out each of Dziengel’s designs and learn how to snag the look for yourself in this simple photo tutorial.

4. Keep cutting boards in place

Have a cutting board in the kitchen that just won’t stop sliding around as you chop? All you need is a pair of rubber bands to keep it in place.

Simply slide a rubber band around each end of your cutting board to add traction and stop all that slipping. Your fingers will thank you later.

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