10 Creative Ways to Reuse Extra Office Supplies

Choose office supplies that can be recycled and reused.
Heather/Dollar Store Crafts

Image courtesy of Heather/Dollar Store Crafts

9. Refill old notebooks to make them like new

Full notebooks can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Sure, you can recycle the paper, but what about covers made from plastic and other materials?

Use this simple tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts blogger Heather to easily refill an old notebook and make it as good as new – reducing waste and keeping you away from the store for yet another day.

10. Donate and swap unwanted supplies

These projects are great for making use of a few odds and ends from your office supply stash. But what about the picks you have left over?

The best way to keep the rest of your unwanted office supplies from going to waste is to give them away to others who need them. Schools, after-school programs and day cares can always use donations of still-usable office supplies. Call ahead to a few locations in your area to see if they can take some of those extras off your hands.

Setting up a “swap station” at the office for unwanted supplies is another a surefire way to make sure nothing gets trashed. Offer supplies you no longer need to coworkers for free, and snag a few of their extras in return – cutting back waste for all involved.

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