Earthlings Descend Upon SXSW Eco: Experience Sustainability And Savory Cuisine

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Leave it to SXSW Eco to teach us Earthlings what chaat is. Turns out, chaat is quite delicious.

Speaking of delicious, there were all kinds of other appealing experiences to-be-had at this years’ fourth annual SXSW Eco conference held in Austin, Texas October 6-8th.

Earth911 was of course in town launching its incredible new eco-friendly marketplace, Earth911 Shop!

The marketplace is Earth911’s newest way of making a more sustainable lifestyle tangible and accessible for our readers. The 3-day conference was filled with numerous members of the global sustainability community presenting new and innovative ways forward that are more harmonious with the planet we all share. Looking for cool eco friendly products? Shop Earth911 today.

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‘An evening to remember’

The Earth911 Shop wasn’t the only thing on the menu. Attendees this year were invited to a welcome dinner the first evening of the conference presented by Toms of Maine, and held on the grounds of Springdale Farms. The quaint urban-farm estate boasted row after row of seasonal vegetables, stately trees strung with decorative lights, and the dream-perfect setting of long wooden tables with bench seating.

Springdale is surrounded by urban development (just 3 miles from the city center) yet feels noticeably isolated from the hustle and bustle of Austin. Much of the fresh food we had that evening was grown on-site, and Springdale regularly serves a growing list of 20+ local restaurants.


Earthlings enjoy a sustainable dinner at SXSW 2014

One of those restaurants is Lenoir, who prepared and served the savory dinner enjoyed that evening.  Lenoir serves seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine true to their mission of contributing to the strength of Austin’s culinary community.

Part of that mission includes strengthening the producer/ consumer relationship by asking patrons to participate in a community-supported restaurant (CSR) initiative that incorporates the principles of the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model.

Throughout the crowd of sustainably-minded industry professionals and entrepreneurs there were many considered to be the thought-leaders and movers and shakers of today’s sustainability movement.

Between each scrumptious bite, all could enjoy thought-provoking conversation that was as palpable as the meal itself.  Earth911 would like to say ‘Thank you!’ to SXSW Eco and Toms of Maine for the opportunity to be part of such an incredible evening.

Feature image courtesy of Jeremy Keith

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