10 Things in Your Kitchen You Didn't Know You Could Reuse or Recycle

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You’re most likely familiar with how to recycle lots of basics in your kitchen: plastic bottles, glass jars, aluminum cans and the like. Go beyond the norm, take a look and find out how to make your kitchen greener with this list of recyclables that may not be on your recycling radar.

1. Plastic Storage Bags

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You’ve probably seen those bins at your grocery store where you can return your plastic shopping bags for recycling. (If you haven’t, glance around next time you’re at the check-out, and you’ll probably find one.) There are over 15,000 drop-off locations around the country for plastic bags, which helps make recycling them much easier.

What you may not know is that you can take your cleaned storage bags like sandwich bags and freezer bags to these bins for recycling as well, The Daily Green reports. Most grocery stores accept a variety of plastics, not just their own bags. Safeway stores, for example, accept plastic film – like the bags you buy bread in – too.

Just make sure you rinse out the storage bags if they’re at all dirty before dropping them off for recycling.

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