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blue recycling bin on curb

How Curbside Recycling Works

Few environmental lessons have taken hold as strongly in the ...Gemma AlexanderNovember 12, 2019
pen and pencil on blank notebook

Infographic: Pens and Pencils by the Numbers

As we try to reduce our environmental impact, it’s easy ...Earth911November 12, 2019

We Earthlings: Let’s Restore the Forests To Remove CO2 From the Atmosphere

Paul Hawken’s important book Drawdown is a blueprint for reducing humanity’s ...Earth911November 12, 2019

Earth911 Podcast: Rockay Socks Combine Recycled Ocean Plastic With Reduced Water Usage

Rockay makes socks from ocean plastic with anti-odor characteristics that ...Earth911November 11, 2019
abstract power/energy visualization

Science Is Discovering Power Sources Everywhere

We are familiar with generating power from the sun and ...Taylor RatcliffeNovember 11, 2019
electric vehicles charging curbside

The Best Electric Vehicles on the Market

There are more electric vehicles on the market than ever ...Sarah LozanovaNovember 11, 2019
Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

Earth911 Podcast, November 8, 2019: Starting a Career in Recycling — PNW Metal Recycling’s Sean Daoud

What’s the path to a career in recycling? Sean Daoud, ...Earth911November 8, 2019

Earth911 Inspiration: Walt Whitman’s Universe in a Blade of Grass

American poet Walt Whitman saw the universe and each of ...Earth911November 8, 2019
Table set for holiday entertaining

Holiday Entertaining This Fall? Cork It!

Cork. It boasts itself as one of the top 10 ...Chase EzellNovember 8, 2019
Chihuahua dog playing with tug toy

3 Upcycled Dog Toys You Can Make

We all want the best for our dogs. And, when ...Earth911November 7, 2019

Earth911 Quiz #78: Commercial Composting Reality Check

Organic waste, from food scraps to yard trimmings, can be ...Earth911November 7, 2019
wooden house model with "for sale" sign on grass

Real Estate Industry Reducing Carbon Emissions

Commercial buildings account for 39 percent of global carbon emissions. ...Sarah LozanovaNovember 6, 2019

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