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Dishwasher Efficiency: Water vs. Energy. Even among the greenest dishwasher manufacturers, there is a trade-off between water and energy efficiency. Which is more important? https://t.co/AJSwTV0B0U https://t.co/DcdoAkhXc0

Dr. Katrina Cornish of American Sustainable Rubber Co. genetically engineered dandelions to produce natural latex in vertical indoor farms in the U.S. for the sporting goods, medical supplies, and tire industries. #innovation #rubber #monoculture https://t.co/TlDnNOib7s https://t.co/0snkGMCsrM

Earth911 Poster -- Print, Share, and get your friends thinking about nature. "In nature there is no waste; everything is connected to everything else; everything must go some place; and there is no such thing as a free lunch." - Dr. Barry Commoner https://t.co/FQZOMSkNPC

Although many environmentally concerned people consider the emissions related to their homes, cars, and food, what about the sustainability of your smartphone? #Sustainability #Smartphone #How&Buy #Earth911 https://t.co/okzgE5r2iX https://t.co/x7BxZtkQYu

Maven Moment: Joanna remembers the value of sharing. Hand-me-down clothes are better for the world than fast-fashion. #Sustainability #frugality https://t.co/UL0QONLRkm https://t.co/YAoYtudDW3

#Carpets are full of complex fibers that make them impossible to break down in landfills. Despite complications, nearly all types of carpet can be #recycled. Depending on the fiber, carpet can be broken down and used to make a new product. https://t.co/nNRua4soSr https://t.co/GqiMk1EfV7