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Bin It? This week's Earth911 Quiz asks you what goes in the blue bin and what needs special handling. Have a little fun deepening your recycling knowledge. https://t.co/iWmt9iLwUm https://t.co/zFVDKDiENw

Earth911 talks with Kathryn Kellog. She founded https://t.co/XoR7qLN68F after a personal health issue and has grown the site into a comprehensive source of sustainable living ideas. #Podcast #interview https://t.co/4ijMcELiyz

In 2016, approximately 400,000 graduates across the U.S. wore #gowns made from #recycled PET #bottles. While the exact process is rather complex, the infographic below gives a fantastic outline of each step in the recycling and manufacturing process. https://t.co/IiaFO6cBkI

When it comes to consumer items that make their way to the sea, #cigarette #butts may be the most significant contributor of #microplastics and #litter. https://t.co/mHLylToWgU

It's estimated the fuel additive market will reach over $11 billion by 2024, with environmental concerns one of the top reasons. This begs the question: Are #fuel #additives actually #eco-friendly? https://t.co/W43U0ibKf7

While it is possible to design a #fire-resistant #landscape to fit almost any aesthetic, fire-resistant landscaping guidelines will usually result in a natural landscape that blends in with the surrounding environment. https://t.co/AXbRYWsMlc