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Earth911 Reader: The Biden Era Arrives With Dramatic Climate Action

The Earth911 Reader collects and comments on useful news about ...Mitch RatcliffeJan 23, 2021

Earth911 Inspiration: Invitation To Be What We Are

This week’s quote is from American author Gretel Ehrlich: “Everything ...Earth911Jan 22, 2021
shelves of bottled wine

Healthy Wines: What the Labels Really Mean

Fellow wine lovers, I have good news and bad news. ...Lisa BeresJan 22, 2021
palm oil fruit and palm oil

How Can We Reduce Our Demand for Unsustainable Palm Oil?

Does the mention of palm oil make you think about ...Chloe SkyeJan 21, 2021
illustration of man in suit holding solar panel in front of wind turbines

Earth911 Quiz #69: Carbon Offset & Renewable Energy Certificate Challenge

Although it’s important to change your habits to cut your ...Earth911Jan 21, 2021
Chihuahua dog playing with tug toy

3 Upcycled Dog Toys You Can Make

We all want the best for our dogs. And, when ...Earth911Jan 21, 2021
battery with words "Greenwashing" and "eco-friendly" printed on it

Greenwashing: Untruth in Advertising

Since the first market sellers shouted out the merits of ...Gemma AlexanderJan 20, 2021
Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

Earth911 Podcast: Dr. William Ripple on the State of the Climate Emergency in 2021

Listen to “Earth911 Podcast: Dr. William Ripple on the The ...Earth911Jan 20, 2021
plastic water bottles, return-for-deposit containers

Maven Moment: Return-for-Deposit Containers

When I was little my mom bought all of our ...Joanna LaceyJan 20, 2021
fragrant herb garden on window sill

Infographic: Create an Indoor Fragrant Herb Garden

A fragrant herb garden is a great addition to any ...Earth911Jan 19, 2021
closeup of man pouring antifreeze into car

Recycling Mystery: Antifreeze

Antifreeze: Wise car owners have some stored in the garage ...Trey GrangerJan 19, 2021
We Earthlings

We Earthlings: Saving a Rainforest Lowers CO2 Levels

Existing rainforests are our most effective natural method to prevent ...Earth911Jan 19, 2021