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Instead of farming animals, fish and plants, #cellular #agriculture grows the proteins and nutrients we consume from a culture, cell by cell. https://t.co/6IoKXdTH08

#Takeout and delivery restaurants are notorious for loading you up with everything from polystyrene foam boxes to plastic silverware and packets of condiments. #Reducing this unnecessary #waste, however, is easier than you may think. https://t.co/CuLGp0CkJo

Earth911 has a new guide to healthy sweeteners. Learn the good, bad, and sweetest alternatives to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. https://t.co/lN5r5Vf5ki https://t.co/3wao1oCmMS

Make jewelry from surprising recycled materials" Skateboards, inner tubes, pull tabs, and newspaper. #DIY #Crafts #Jewelry https://t.co/3ZSjCK3yu3

Any cook worth his or her salt uses and abuses #cookware for the most delicious of causes – but what happens to pots, pans, spatulas and whisks when they’re all used up? https://t.co/gJzcunYuV3

#Mattresses are just about the bulkiest item a consumer can #recycle. On the plus side, you’re likely only disposing of one once every 10 to 20 years, but the size and weight means it won’t be an easy process. https://t.co/EKWvFSdYub