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A scoop of coffee beans from the roaster

Tips for Buying and Enjoying Sustainable Coffee

Heading up coffee purchasing at Equator Coffees, a company focused ...Earth911Mar 5, 2021

How to Safely Recycle Unwanted or Unusable Ammunition

Whether it’s old, corroding ammunition, or rounds that wouldn’t fire ...Brian BrassawMar 5, 2021

Earth911 Inspiration: Jared Diamond on Poor Human Choices

We can learn and change in response to our environment, ...Earth911Mar 5, 2021

Earth911 Podcast: Net-Zero Prefab Homes From Dvele

Dvele‘s Brandon Weiss has a vision for durable net-zero housing. ...Earth911Mar 5, 2021
Old woman's hand holding beans

Legumes for Sustainable Food Systems

Even if most of us outgrow a childhood aversion to ...Gemma AlexanderMar 4, 2021
Rear view of cars in traffic jam

GreenerCars Ranks the Greenest (and Meanest) Vehicles for 2021

Released annually by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ...Earth911Mar 4, 2021
dead trees in dry, desert land

Earth911 Quiz #26: The Art of Land Restoration

We have the opportunity to bring several billion acres of ...Earth911Mar 4, 2021

Green Your Shopping: Etsy Announces Goal of Net-Zero Emissions by 2030

The crafts marketplace Etsy has transformed lives, providing easy access ...Mitch RatcliffeMar 3, 2021
Electric vehicle concept

Electric Vehicles on the Rise: Should You Invest in the EV Market?

The heyday of gas-powered vehicles is winding down. America’s largest ...Sarah LozanovaMar 3, 2021
tractor spraying pesticides on soybean crop

Pesticides in the Pantry: Do Food Manufacturers Care?

Whether or not you are concerned about the safety and ...Gemma AlexanderMar 3, 2021
woman relaxing on sofa with a mug in her hand

Maven Moment: Lazy Weekends

Growing up, my family seldom had plans for the weekend. ...Joanna LaceyMar 3, 2021
Waste basket filled with used masks; man's hand holds old disposable mask

Can Face Masks Be Recycled?

There is not a lot of data about how much ...Gemma AlexanderMar 2, 2021