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Precycling Helps Shoppers Save

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Maven Moment: Lucia the Seamstress

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Recycling Mystery: Yoga Mats

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The Earth911 team discusses the Veganuary movement, recycling oyster shells, seed sprouting tips for healthier winter eating, a new food waste-fighting app, and more. #podcast https://t.co/v3mZObLY14

The EPA reports that over 16 million tons of #clothing and #textiles end up in landfills every year. By comparison, we recycle only 2.6 million tons. The most common solution lies in the middle: donating your unwanted clothing for reuse. https://t.co/IrFGYHTSTT

Spring has has a way of bringing out #insects and #bugs.  If you are looking to #repel insects and bugs #naturally, look no further than these three simple #DIY #recipes — for people, pets and the home — courtesy of this episode of Earth911TV. https://t.co/eh0S2NRYXs

Despite #recycling being so widespread, many #myths persist. This is partially because recycling has become so complex, and many previous facts are now outdated. https://t.co/JzjBkNq27B

Residents were shocked to learn that two new #bike #lanes in downtown Seattle cost about $12 million per mile to build. Is the cost worth the benefit? https://t.co/0K4jOHjibJ