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woman mulching plants with straw

Mulch 101: Mulching Your Soil for a Healthy Garden

Mulch is any material you use to cover bare soil ...Gemma AlexanderSeptember 18, 2019
El Capitan at Yosemite National Park

Pitch in on National Public Lands Day, September 28

Volunteers will gather rakes, shovels, and trash bags to help ...Earth911September 18, 2019
stovetop expresso coffee maker on the gas stove

Maven Moment: the Old Coffee Pot

A good cup of coffee to start your day … ...Earth911September 18, 2019
aerosol can spraying

Hydroflourocarbons: Super Greenhouse Gas in Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Making changes to heal the hole in the ozone layer ...Earth911September 17, 2019

Which Countries Require Venues To Offer Free Drinking Water?

Offering safe, accessible, and free drinking water in venues means ...Earth911September 17, 2019

We Earthlings: The CO2 Impact of Streaming Video

Video streaming has become a part of many peoples everyday ...Earth911September 17, 2019
climate change protest in front of smokestacks spewing pollution

Call for Climate Restoration Emergency Action

Join Forces To Ensure the Survival & Flourishing of Humanity ...Earth911September 16, 2019
Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

Innovator Interview: Dr. Paul Zeitz on Waging Justice & the UN Climate Restoration Forum

Meet Dr. Paul Zeitz, an organizer of the UN Global ...Earth911September 16, 2019

Yum! Whip Up Scrumptious & Easy Vegan Desserts in a Snap

If you’re shifting to healthy, planet-friendly, plant-forward foods, desserts are ...Patti RothSeptember 16, 2019
Earth911 Podcast Innovator Interview

Earth911 Innovator Interview: World Centric’s Mark Marrinozi on the Battle to End Polystyrene

World Centric, a 15-year-old Rohnert Park, Calif.-based sustainability advocacy and ...Earth911September 13, 2019

Earth911 Inspiration: Margaret Mead Reminds Us to Cherish this Earth

Margaret Mead spoke at the first Earth Day: “We have ...Earth911September 13, 2019
city scene, concept of mobility as a service

Mobility as a Service: Sustainable City Transportation

Navigating a city to get from point A to point ...Sarah LozanovaSeptember 13, 2019

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