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blurred crowd of people on a street

Understanding the Population Problem

When the global population reached 5 billion in 1987, that ...Gemma AlexanderJuly 9, 2020
net-zero community, homes with solar panels

How the First Net-Zero Energy Communities in the U.S. Operate

As with any brilliant innovation, net-zero energy communities were an ...Earth911July 8, 2020
chickens in backyard pen

Chickenomics: The Economics of Backyard Chickens

Does keeping chickens make better economic sense than buying eggs ...Gemma AlexanderJuly 7, 2020
woman in city center, looking at camera

What Makes a Product Sustainable?

We talk a lot about the importance of sustainability and ...Jenna CyprusJuly 7, 2020
smiling young woman with small environmental footprint

Infographic: What’s Your Environmental Footprint?

Are you doing enough to keep your environmental footprint small? ...Earth911July 6, 2020
local food resilience

Building Local Food Resilience

Before the coronavirus pandemic reached the United States, between 30 ...Chloe SkyeJuly 6, 2020
little girl feeding dog

Cricket Protein Promises a More Sustainable Dog Food

What if there was a healthy alternative to mammal- or ...Earth911July 3, 2020

Earth911 Inspiration: Nature’s Colors of the Spirit

Today’s quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet, philosopher, and ...Earth911July 3, 2020
fireworks in the sky

The Eco-Unfriendly Truths About Fireworks

They light up the sky beautifully, those bright and bold ...Elizabeth WeissJuly 2, 2020

Free Yourself From Single-Use Plastic in July

Plastic-free July starts today. Even if you only reduce your ...Earth911July 1, 2020
Land degradation, desertification in the Red Sea governorate in Marsa Alam, Egypt

Combatting Desertification

The United Nations designates days of observance as educational tools ...Gemma AlexanderJuly 1, 2020
smiling little boy at family July 4th meal

Maven Moment: The Fourth of July & Grandma’s Potato Salad

The Fourth of July was one of my favorite holidays ...Joanna LaceyJuly 1, 2020

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