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Although many environmentally concerned people consider the emissions related to their homes, cars, and food, what about the sustainability of your smartphone? #Sustainability #Smartphone #How&Buy #Earth911 https://t.co/okzgE5r2iX https://t.co/74wcCJmCia

Earth Day the perfect time to reflect on your bucket list of places and things to experience and capture in pictures before it’s too late. Here are a few of mine. #Earth-Day #Photography #BucketList https://t.co/eGfIkn5dfc https://t.co/wzRW2kCkZY

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Take Earth Day action in support of House Congressional Resolution 35 on the US commitment to climate restoration. Call your Congressional delegation and ask them to support Rep, Jamie Raskin's (D-MD) bill, which he submitted today. https://t.co/t889hRrzYT

Earth911 Quiz: Earth Day's Past. With Earth Day 2019 a few days away, this Earth911 quiz challenges your knowledge about Earth Day's origin and past. https://t.co/qMUWfQiJ7S https://t.co/gbOJVsun2N

When discarding plastic bottles, many recycling services now prefer you screw plastic tops on before dropping empties in the bin. What do you do with the metal lids on bottles and jars? https://t.co/i7S90NFnUx