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Sustainable Smartphones

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Women in Recycling: ISRI 2019 Conference Highlights Challenges, Opportunities

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Healing the Planet With a Stethoscope

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Earth Day: 10 More Environmental Quotes To Inspire

We think before we act, but we often act only ...Earth911April 19, 2019

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A startling number of people in the U.S. don’t have access to clean water either. In fact, as many as 63 million U.S. residents don’t have clean drinking water. How did this happen? #Water #Environment https://t.co/wVJXy03JbB https://t.co/tCrIsvojdu

It’s easy to get discouraged. But the environmental movement has made significant accomplishments. Since Earth Day was founded in 1970, hard-fought environmental gains have been won over and over again. #Earth-Day #Sustainable-Living #Choose-Earth https://t.co/yiuGZQB0nN https://t.co/uxUiuOk6mC

Sometimes it can be challenging to live a low-waste or zero-waste lifestyle when you find yourself in possession of things you’re not sure how to use up. That was the case for me with items from Mom’s spice shelf. https://t.co/NcETI7zrIS https://t.co/ggVuV89ohR

A recipe for waste reduction: Reusable produce bags; Natural dish scrubbers, and; Beeswax food wrap. #Sustainability #Shop4Earth https://t.co/1jqdWOgLws