This Earth Day, take informed steps toward your sustainable future. and YellowTin have teamed up to create a new tool for shopping and saving on electrifying your home. Our expert-authored guides help reduce your family’s impact on the planet while saving money on energy bills.

Visit our new shopping platform and enter a few details about your home, transportation, and renewable energy needs to receive personalized recommendations. You will see each option’s environmental impact and the annual savings potential from making a switch, including all state, local, and federal green incentives to help shoppers save even more.

YellowTin, a home clean energy shopping platform, uses an algorithm that is personalized down to the ZIP code to determine how much money you could save by electrifying your home and vehicle and then provides recommendations for green energy, efficient appliances, and home sustainability upgrades. YellowTin provides education and product recommendations across various categories, including appliances, electric vehicles and e-bikes, solar panels, home batteries, and sustainable energy. The platform is also available to companies and organizations as an employee benefits program that helps them achieve their net-zero targets.

From Talk to Action

“We recognized a natural partner in YellowTin,” said Earth911 CEO Mitch Ratcliffe. “They value providing people with information about the environmental impact and financial cost of their shopping, home heating and cooling, and transportation choices. With this partnership, we can offer readers a comprehensive guide to sustainable living that helps them take action and save.”

As a leading publisher of sustainable living information, with the most comprehensive database of local recycling and reuse options for consumers, we see the partnership with YellowTin as a natural extension of our mission to guide those seeking to live sustainably.

“Wanting to be sustainable is easy. Acting sustainably requires substantial effort,” said Vishwas Ganesan, co-founder and CEO of YellowTin. “It takes time and no shortage of expertise to identify products and services with a low- or no-carbon footprint, and shopping for the best price on green energy, efficient appliances, and solar or other sustainability investments is difficult. That’s why YellowTin exists – to help make it easy for individuals and businesses to switch to clean energy for their homes and vehicles.”

“We are excited to partner with YellowTin to provide families with the knowledge and resources to live more sustainably,” said Ratcliffe. “Together, we can make a difference and help people live a greener lifestyle.”

Celebrate Earth Day 2023 by making a personal investment in becoming more sustainable. These changes to our homes, transportation, and shopping habits can reduce the burden we place on the environment. Check out the Earth911-YellowTin home electrification shopping service.

By Earth911

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