10 Things in Your Kitchen You Didn't Know You Could Reuse or Recycle

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3. Sponges

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Strictly speaking, you can’t recycle the sponges you use to scrub your dishes or clean your kitchen counters (unless your sponges once lived in the sea, in which case you can compost them). While dirty sponges aren’t a good candidate for being made into new consumer products, many people have come up with clever ways to reuse sponges around the house once they’re no longer suitable for the kitchen.

One clever idea involves taking advantage of a sponge’s good qualities. Since sponges soak up water, why not use the sponge to help keep soil moist for potted plants? Simply rinse the sponge, cut it to fit inside the bottom of a pot, cover with soil and water the plant as usual. The sponge will soak up any excess water, which will then be slowly released back into the soil.

Sponges can also be used for other projects around the house including painting, so think creatively.

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