10 Things in Your Backyard You Can Reuse or Recycle

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Although backyards may not accumulate as much stuff as garages, many people do acquire plenty of items for the yard like furniture, gardening supplies and other materials. After spending a few seasons out in the elements, your purchases may not be useful anymore. Once you no longer need these items or they’ve reached the end of their usable lives, what should you do with them? The answer is almost always reuse or recycle, so keep reading to learn what to do with common backyard tools and decor.

1. Garden Hoses

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If you have any plants growing in your yard, you probably have a garden hose. Recycling a garden hose that no longer works can be challenging since hoses are made of multiple materials including rubber, plastic and metal, so throwing one in your curbside bin is most likely not an option.

You may have some luck with drop off recycling programs, though, so investigate options in your area. A quick search for garden tools in Earth911′s Recycling Directory may yield some results, and if it does, check with the listed recyclers to see if they accept hoses.

For those who would rather reuse an old or leaky garden hose, plenty of clever options exist. One suggestion involves poking holes along the length of the hose to turn it into a sprinkler. If you’re particularly handy, you might even try turning a hose into a basket or chair. You could also cut the hose apart and use a portion of it as a homemade handle for carrying something heavy.

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