ByAaron Styles

Mar 26, 2014

The Government

But nevertheless the government is announcing “An innovation challenge that calls on researchers and developers to create data-driven simulations, which could show people how their own neighborhoods might be affected by rising seas and floods”. And what’s wrong with that? … Well nothing really, except if the data is already there, why do we need to spend more of our money on moving it to another website that no one can understand or use? More importantly, I don’t know how much I will trust the data once our government has finished editing it. We should all remember; it was our congressional leaders who coined “Clean Coal” and then spent billions on research and propaganda to sell us how clean it is. I wish they would stop spending millions of dollars of our money on displaying data that is years old, in a format we can’t use, and written in a language they know the “average citizen” won’t understand.

Mr. President, I appreciate that you are looking for anything that could get your approval ratings out of the toilet; however, I don’t think another non-functional website with outdated data produced with what must be Pork Barrel Spending is going to do anyone any good. How about you leave that to us and the other publishers that can and do present this information in a usable fashion, … you worry about Russia, and golf if you can find the time.

By Aaron Styles

A provocateur, and writer for more than 25 years, Aaron has simplified and humanized the complicated areas of politics, the environment and human interest issues. Skeptical by nature and anonymous by requirement, Aaron enjoys nothing more than getting the conversation started.