Don't Toy With Me!


The days when kids were entertained with a simple wooden top are long gone. The toy industry brings in a revenue of around $21 billion annually, and they are constantly growing in complexity. Unfortunately, toys are rarely accepted in curbside programs because they are comprised of several different materials. Because of this, the best option with toys is to reuse rather than recycle.

Get Started

  • While the entire toy may not be recyclable, batteries certainly are. Recycle all batteries and invest in rechargeables when buying new ones.
  • When your child grows tired or his or her latest toy (which may be sooner than you had hoped), check out donation stations such as hospitals, nonprofits and second-hand stores. You may also be able to get a little money back by selling them online.
  • Buy eco-friendly toys made of wood or recycled plastic. Take advantage of teaching opportunities and explain to children that items such as milk cartons can be recycled and made into toys.

Become a Pro

  • If you have family members and neighbors with children the same age as yours, try setting up a toy exchange. It will save everyone money and lesser the impact of multiple families.
  • Craft projects give your kids an opportunity to use their imagination. Get a group together and supply the kids with non-toxic paints and crayons to use on various recycled materials, from cardboard boxes and junk mail, to items they find in the woods.
  • Give your kids a break from all their toys. Form a play group with other parents and take your children outside to a park or playground.