ByEmerald Horizon

Jun 6, 2014

Airline Pollution Resistance: Everyone’s on Their Worst Behavior

Airlines have it well within their power to reduce carbon pollution. They simply refuse to.

The solutions aren’t rocket science. Over the years, there’ve been several arguably simple solutions introduced that would reduce pollution if only airline execs would get off their lazy butts and implement them. Adding winglets, improving back-up systems and retrofitting plane engines are pretty straightforward ideas, right? Hell, if all that sounds like too much work, these airlines could just take a deep breath and accept pollution fees as a wholesome responsibility of conscientious corporate citizenship.

Corporate airline giants – behemoths such as American and United Airlines –are some of the most blatant polluters you’ll ever come across.

As they pour billions of dollars in elaborate brand awareness campaigns pledging allegiance to a cleaner aviation they simultaneously fight against every initiative that minimizes operational pollution.

And – according to Glenn Hurowitz, a Managing Director of Climate Advisers – they’re well known for buying political support. Hurowitz quipped: “By the airlines’ calculus, however, it’s much easier to just get some pliant senators like Thune and McCaskill to get taxpayers to bail them out for violating laws they don’t want to obey.”

United Airlines: An Impeccable Demonstration of Asininity

United Airlines is a perfect demonstration of the level of asininity displayed by airlines fighting against environmental improvements. Their behavior triggered outbursts from over 85,000 of their most elite customers, all of whom signed a petition for them to stop hyping up inflated claims of eco-efficiency while simultaneously opposing pollution reduction policies.
“I fly all the time and knowing that United Airlines is putting out the message that they are ‘green’ while fighting against any policy that will really reduce pollution means I will NEVER fly United again. Additionally I will tell everyone I know for as long as [I live],” said one petitioner.

Air Pollution: Government Negligence = Government Liability

Yes, the aviation industry is clearly oversaturated with shady corporate citizens placating the globe with empty promises. But … I can’t help but wonder how much influence government indifference has upon their negligence. At this point, I would think our governments hold some accountability for the lack of improvement seen in the industry. Think about it. They honestly have the power to force industrial developments that would improve human health and lessen the environmental impact, but they just … don’t.

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By Emerald Horizon

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