4 DIY Ways To Reuse Wine Corks


Do you keep your wine bottle corks? Today’s Earth911 TV episode is all about how you can reuse your used wine corks while keeping their sentimental value and creating new life into them!

On this episode, we look at four ideas, and be sure to visit the article where Kimberly’s Button gives you even more great ideas!

1) Make a Trivet

Trivets are necessary around the house, especially a hot pad in the kitchen! Why not make your own for a cool look.

  • Go to a hobby shop and pick up a circular embroidery hoop
  • Arrange the corks in the pattern you want
  • Tighten the hoop
  • Glue a felt base on the bottom so it doesn’t slide
  • You could even paint or cover the hoop if you want to spice it up a bit.

2) Wine Charms

Have you ever seen those wine glass charms? It’s the fancier version of taking a marker to a Red Solo Cup! Here’s how to make your own with wine corks!

  • Steam the corks on the stove for about 10 minutes, then cut with a sharp kitchen knife.
  • Cut the cork in ½ inch sections.
  • Once cut and dried, use rubber stamps to mark each charm.
  • Screw a small eye screw into the side of the charm to tie whatever kind of material you’d like to the glass.

3) Garden Markers

Use corks as a cute way to mark your garden herbs, veggies and fruits!

  • Put a skewer through one end of the cork.
  • Write the fruit or veggie name on the side of the cork with a permanent marker.
  • Done!

4) Tiny Planters

You can create little cork planters and attach magnets to them for your fridge! Super cute! Here’s how:

  • Gather corks, a glue gun, magnets, a steak knife and succulent plants.
  • Carve out the center of the corks with a steak knife. Don’t push all the way through… stop about ¾ of the way down.
  • Hot glue the magnet to the cork.
  • Push soil into the hole you created. Put a stem of the succulent into the soil and pack with soil.

If you’re not feeling particularly crafty or just have NO time at all and you still want something awesome, check this Corkology Recycled Wine Cork patio set out at the Earth911 Shop. It’s made up of 7,400 wine corks.  Cheers to reuse!

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