However, with that particular cause tucked away in our collective memories, Greenpeace decided that they would keep going to remove “all things nuclear” from the world. They have done so with the same veracity as Rob Reiner has opposed smoking, not for any real empirical reason beyond they don’t like it and feel no one else should either.

They do for their convenience, and to help with their argument fail to ask some important questions, or provide some relevant and pertinent data to those they wish to “sell” their ideals to.

Lest we all forget, this country and many others have used Nuclear energy to not only fuel our homes and factories for decades, but have also lived under the security such a reliable energy source provides. Our submarines and other navel vessels patrol the world’s waterways providing an umbrella of security we take for granted.

For more than 50 years

By Aaron Styles

A provocateur, and writer for more than 25 years, Aaron has simplified and humanized the complicated areas of politics, the environment and human interest issues. Skeptical by nature and anonymous by requirement, Aaron enjoys nothing more than getting the conversation started.