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1. Batteries

Batteries commonly contain lead, zinc, lithium, cadmium, and even mercury. When batteries end up in landfills, contaminants can leach into the water and soil, polluting the environment. Remember to recycle all the batteries from devices, including cell phones, laptops, power tools, cars, and gadgets. Because there are so many different types of batteries, make sure a given recycling program accepts the specific type of battery.

  • Battery Mart
    1 Battery Drive
    Winchester, VA 22601
    (800) 405-2121
    Car batteries, NiCad batteries, lead-acid batteries (non-automotive), rechargeable batteries
    This program does not pay for shipping costs. Please call for further details.
  • Battery Solutions iRecycle Kit
    Howell, MI 48843
    (800) 852-8127
    Cell phones, MP3 players, NiCad batteries, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries
    The iRecycle Kit includes everything you need to recycle your batteries and handheld electronics. Simply collect all your dry-cell batteries and hand-held electronics together and mail them in. Please visit the website to order the kit.

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