Adventure Camp: 8 Camping Crafts Your Kids Will Love


There’s plenty to do on a camping trip, from sing-along songs and campfire cooking to walking through woods and jumping in a lake. Sometimes you need a little quiet time for adults, though, back at the campsite, or something to do indoors should a storm roll through. These camping crafts not only keep little ones busy, but they also encourage discovery about the great outdoors.

Putting FUN into caming FUNdamentals

Usually there’s a leave no trace behind philosophy with camping, but not so with this craft. The National Wildlife Federation offers this DIY idea to make a natural birdfeeder for feathered friends. Using a pinecone found in nature, coat the pinecone with peanut butter, cornmeal, birdseed and other bird-friendly nutritious supplements. Leave outdoors for a tasty treat for wildlife.

Campfire roll craft

Image courtesy of DLTK Crafts for Kids.

Get the little ones excited about an upcoming camping trip by building a mock campfire out of toilet paper tubes and orange and red tissue paper. Use this tutorial from DLTK’s Crafts for Kids that shows how to make toilet paper tube logs and fake flames with tissue paper on a paper plate base. Th is is a fabulous indoors activity, too, should rain dampen your plans for a fire while camping out.

There’s so much beauty in nature. Let kids roam the outdoors and choose items that they enjoy while crafting this unique bracelet. It just takes a piece of masking tape. Wrap the tape loosely around a wrist, with the sticky side facing out. Then collect bits of flowers, leaves, seeds and other natural elements and attach to the tape.

Go fly a kite with this brown paper bag kite crafting idea. Instead of recycling a paper bag, bring it along, attach streamers and let the kids run free while trying to keep their kite airborne.

Toilet paper tube rolls can be crafted into birding binoculars with just a few pieces of tape or string. Attach the rolls side by side, and children can start searching for wildlife in the woods.

Bring along light sensitive paper (found in craft stores or ordered online) and use solar power to make leaf impressions worthy of framing when you come back home. It’s a great teaching opportunity about the heat and energy of the sun, too. Alternatively, bring Plaster of Paris and some discarded pie tins to make stones with nature imprints, such as leaves, shells or flowers.

A branch found in nature, combined with a skein of yarn, can become a tapestry with this DIY tutorial from Parents magazine.

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that can inspire hours of play. Twigs found at the campsite can be transformed into characters from a child’s imagination with brightly colored paints, bits of yarn and ribbon, wiggly eyes and markers.

Now get out there and enjoy Mother Nature, campers.

Feature image courtesy of Kat Stan

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