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The next time you find yourself sitting in a coffee shop slowly sipping a steamy latte, take a look around you and count the disposable coffee cups. I am betting you’ll lose count. Increasingly, you’re given a paper cup and plastic lid whether you’re staying to sip on one of the cafe’s much-coveted armchairs or taking it on the road.

We all know it’s wasteful but what’s the alternative? The fact that so many people still don’t use travel mugs even when they get a coffee every single day speaks to the fact that they’re coming across a stumbling block – is it ease of use? Cost? Convenience? Or perhaps a sour blend of all three?

In my book I  suggest the waste-free solution of reusing a jar for on-the-go java runs, but even then you’re carrying a jar around with you all day. This works out great for me and my bottomless purse, but might not the best option for those who like to travel a little lighter.

stojo coffee cup
The Stojo Collapsible (Coffee) Cup.

Enter a little sexy something called the Stojo Cup. It’s a coffee cup that fits in your pocket, and its unique design and eye-catching good looks are raising far more than just eyebrows. The cup is the brainchild of three friends who also found themselves counting wasted coffee cup one day, and instead of just sighing, getting depressed and feeling like the world was doomed (like I might have), they set out to design a solution. They succeeded, and their campaign to bring this innovate coffee cup to the market has already raised more than $120,000 – over twelve times their original goal! Clearly, we’re just a little thirsty for change.

When you think about it, it makes sense! Each office worker is estimated to throw out about 500 coffee cups every single year! Spend some time downtown during rush hour and you’ll see just how quickly those wasted cups can add up. (Hint: the total amounts to a staggering 23 billion paper cups ending up in the trash annually in the United States, along with another 25 billion made from Styrofoam). When you remember that each of those 500 cups is typically used for just a few minutes before being tossed, the situation quickly starts to seem insane. With the Stojo cup, an eco-friendly solution to the coffee conundrum pops up in the palm of your hand, and presto — all that waste is eliminated!

You want the specifics? OK, here we go:

  • The cup itself is made of food-grade, recyclable silicone and is BPA and phthalate-free.
  • Folded up it measures a slim 1.75 inches, and extends to five inches when opened – around the size of a standard coffee cup.
  • The top seals completely, so after you’re done downing your cup of joe you can simply close the lid and put it in a pocket, purse of briefcase without worrying about leakage.
  • Best of all? It comes in a generous smattering of color options – including my favourite, a bold orange that will catch attention and start conversation.

If you’re jonesing for a fix that does more than caffeinate you, head over to Stojo to check out the cups, and maybe just get your hands on the best thing to happen to coffee since cream and sugar.

Feature image courtesy of Stojo

By Madeleine Somerville

Madeleine Somerville is the author of All You Need Is Less: An Eco-Friendly Guide to Guilt-Free Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity. She is a writer, wannabe hippie and lover of soft cheeses. She lives in Edmonton, Canada, with her daughter. You can also find Madeleine at her blog, Sweet Madeleine.