ByMegan Winkler

Jul 8, 2014

I’m a complete jewelry addict. Just ask any of my friends; I always have something new around my wrists or dangling from my ears. I have my fair share of purely decorative trinkets — a company party with my man is always an excuse for a new dress and some killer earrings. But it’s the treasures that I have an emotional connection to that mean the most.

When I just happened to come across Show the Love, I found a shop full of really unique, eco-friendly jewelry designs that convey a heartfelt message to the wearer. I knew I had to get in touch with owner Jen Pleasants.


Positive Affirmations in Jewelry Form

Show the Love’s mission is to give women and girls an “external reflection of the beauty, magic and power we each possess on the inside.” Drawing creative inspiration from Wonder Woman, beautiful and strong mermaids and advocacy initiatives, the designs at Show the Love convey a message that is more than just a little glitter.

I adore the “I Speak Up” necklace, which features a pair of recycled rose gold lips dangling from a brass chain. The designer was motivated to craft this particular necklace because ultimately, “It is not about the shape or plumpness of your lips, but what comes out of your mouth that matters. Speak up! Be heard!” How can you not love that?

Other designs promote a sunny outlook on life and the belief in oneself. The “She Believed She Could So She Did” collection features organically shaped rings, bracelets and necklaces crafted from recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.


Eco-Friendly and Socially Conscious

Before she was heading up Show the Love, owner Jen Pleasants was an eco-blogger at a site of the same name. She’s also written a book, Bag Green Guilt, which is a guide to getting rid of the anxiety over going green, so you can just get down to business saving the Earth.

With Jen at the helm, Show the Love donates 25 percent of profits to environmental and humanitarian causes. Likewise, only ethically sourced semi-precious gemstones and conflict-free diamonds are used in the designs sold through the shop.

Even the team’s workshop is eco-friendly. It’s made from recycled timber and materials from salvage yards, insulated with recycled blue jeans and it has a living roof that provides a place for succulents and flowers to grow. There are many businesses out there that greenwash their companies, talking about how “green” their business is, but for Show the Love, “eco-friendly” isn’t just a buzzword. It is a way of life.

By Megan Winkler

Eco-nerd, solar power enthusiast, DIY diva and professional coffee drinker, Megan has written everything from courses in healthcare and psychology to interior design and cooking advice. She has a master’s degree in military history, owns two chainsaws, is a collector of strange trivia and a world renowned Pinterest pro. She is constantly looking for better ways to do things.