“If you build it, they will come.”

For many, this famous Field of Dreams quote brings to mind images of cornfields, baseball diamonds and hope. While there are no Kevin Costner cameos in ‘The Greenhouse of the future – Abundance and energy autonomy: A step by step construction guide’ there are similarities.  Working with the land, food for sustenance, and building a diamond (from the rough) just to name a few.

Seeking self-sufficiency

Designers Francis Gendron and Christian Desilets state that their greenhouse is easy to build and inexpensive, making the most of resources while using highly efficient technologies such as solar and geothermal.

Produced and directed by Curt Close of Anacondaprod in conjunction with Solutionera and Valhalla, The Greenhouse of the future includes;

  • A 75 minute documentary outlining each stage of constructing the passive solar greenhouse
  • A 200 page eBook with step-by-step instructions and tips as well as detailed (scalable) design plans

The design concept for the greenhouse was conceived and engineered for the purpose of creating a microclimate which can produce an abundant food supply while using an absolute minimum of energy.  The greenhouse design takes advantage of the synergy between technology and the natural phenomenon, with great emphasis placed on directional orientation of the structure.  It can even be scaled in size depending on you or your communities’ needs.

Our project is the first step in a much larger vision: the harmonious combination of several emerging technologies such as permaculture, passive solar energy, living buildings, cold frames, earthship design, bio-intensive agriculture and others to change the world and reflect humanity’s true potential! The Greenhouse of the Future is our humble first contribution to this vision.

The Greenhouse of the future – Abundance and energy autonomy: A step by step construction guide is great for resource anyone interested in;

  • Recycling and repurposing
  • Permaculture
  • Organic food production
  • Self reliance
  • ‘Radically’ sustainable technologies
  • Reconnecting with nature

Kicking the tires

Aimed at repurposing as many existing materials as possible, the greenhouse has been designed such that old tires are to be as the foundation.  This design feature allows builders to minimize cost while taking advantage of geothermal heating. Geothermal keeps cold ambient air out while using the ground’s temperature to balance the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Gendron  even recommends having what he calls a ‘tire party’.  A tire party is an organized gathering of community members from all walks and stages of life where everyone pitches in to build the greenhouse’s foundation.   Using recycled tires allows builders to ‘transform the garbage of the past into the solution of the future,’ adds Gendron.

 By building this greenhouse with your community or your family, you will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world, reconnect with nature, save money and produce your own local organic food all year-round.

Media courtesy of The Greenhouse of the Future

By Chase Ezell

Chase has served in various public relations, communications and sustainability roles. He is a former managing editor for Earth911.com.