ByEmerald Horizon

May 5, 2014

But, as I said, he was only right in that sense. I’m still going to dig into his unnecessarily verbose tail, because the facts are skewed here. First of all, the Civil War was never centralized on slavery. Abolitionists didn’t join in and fight as violent martyrs of the “Free All Negroes” campaign. The American Civil War was about money. Money, power, money and more power. Freeing the slaves in rebellious states – the Confederate ones – simply weakened the money and power of people in those states. Slavery was never a war-causing issue; it was a vulnerability, a point of insurgence used to advance upon and weaken the Confederate.

Hayes, my dude, reel it in. You have to chill! You are way too passionate about crude oil and global warming. You are more passionate about saving fossil fuels than Lincoln ever was about the souls of black folk. He felt slavery was morally wrong, but he wanted to kick blacks right back to Africa. (‘Cause you know we’re all from the same part and shiz.) Like you said, slaves were lucrative commodities. (Yuck). They produced mass profit in spite of “wretchedly insufficient” provisions of food, water and shelter thanks to “repression and surveillance to guard against [their] ever-present threat of rebellion or escape”.

Oil will never try to escape you. Oil will never bleed the same as you. Oil doesn’t share over 99 percent of your DNA. It does not have a mental capacity for emotion and understanding. Fossil fuels will never know the pain of a demonic history where its ancestors, people and legacy of their Western Civilization is rooted in capitalism. Or stories of their people having their arms chopped off, being tarred and feathered, watching their moms, wives and sisters get raped by slavemasters and overseers or the degrading experience of having their mouths being used as urinals – by other slaves, overseers and owners – for all to see at their “Master’s” command for punishment. (Yes, this all really happened, and it doesn’t even begin to touch the depth of slavery, not just here in America, but around the globe. And believe you me, this stuff still happens to people today.)

So ya know, Hayes, I get you. I understand where you were coming from. So let’s strike a deal, ok?: How about if it isn’t slavery, we don’t try to parallel it to slavery since it just makes you look stuuuuuupid to do so. And in return, we’ll try to give you a pass with the understanding that you are really passionate for the cause. You ol’ Fossil Fuels Freedom Fighter you!

By Emerald Horizon

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