10 Reuse Ideas for CDs and DVDs

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6. Jewel Case Wall Art

Whether you’ve ditched CDs altogether or simply packed them into storage books, the leftover jewel cases can be a disposal nightmare. Most recycling centers don’t accept these cases for recycling, meaning they often end up in the trash (or piled on top of your entertainment center).

Combat the clutter by using some of your old jewel cases to create surprisingly chic wall art for your kitchen.

Featured in Country Living magazine, this basic CD case craft tutorial from Amit Gupta and Kelly Jensen — authors of Photojojo!: Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas — will help you convert approximately 20 jewel cases into a mosaic-like mural that’s sure to turn heads.


Jewel case wall art. Image: jpfaraco/Instructables

7. Company-Worthy Candle Holder

Are those old brass candle holders a bit too stuffy for your next dinner party? Try creating fun and youthful alternatives from old CDs and DVDs with guidance from ACraftyMix. With a little decorative flair, CD cases can easily be remade into custom candle cases! Check out this romantic candle holder tutorial to see how to do it.

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