ByChase Ezell

Jul 31, 2015
Wi-Fi-enabled i-BRIGHT7x 4ft Smart Surge Protector

Invented in 1972 by Australian electrical engineer Peter Talbot, power strips help better manage our electric devices and guard against power surges.  By design they guard against energy waste (think phantom power) and in the event of a catastrophic power surge, monetary waste (think not having to replace a computer for example).

Wi-Fi-enabled i-BRIGHT7x Smart Surge ProtectorThe i-BRIGHT™7x Smart Surge Protector by Tri Cascade, Inc. could just be the next evolution of power management and intelligence. Resembling what we today commonly refer to as a power strip, the i-BRIGHT™7x takes power management several steps forward.  Billed as a ‘Wi-Fi-enabled home energy management tool’, the i-BRIGHT™7x features;

  • 7 outlets total – 2“always on” and 5 which can be simultaneously scheduled (a little more about this later)
  • A bypass button to override schedule (as needed)
  • 2 USB charge ports
  • Power consumption tracking monitoring via the BRIGHTenergy mobile app
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi range extender allowing consumers to maximize Wi-Fi coverage in their homes or workplaces

Manufactured with the approval of the FCC and ETL, the i-BRIGHT7x is designed to support power loads up to 1875 watts and 3150 joules of surge protection. Backed by the manufacturer, the i-BRIGHT7x comes with a $200,000 connected equipment warranty.

Tri Cascade’s Danielle Lennon states that “This product will help consumers save money on their energy bills, thus providing a return on investment within the first year.”

BRIGHTenergy app for i-BRIGHT7x
i-BRIGHT7x’s BRIGHTenergy app puts energy management right at your fingertips.

During setup i-BRIGHT7x users use the BRIGHTenergy Cloud system via the Internet to create their ideal 24-hour/7-day schedule to turn the power to devices on and off. The system allows consumers to track energy usage and benchmark results through a web browser or iPhone. In addition to the convenience and control features, i-BRIGHT7x also provides enhanced benefits of:

  • Parental control: schedule power to electronic devices, including the Internet.
  • Light home security: schedule lights and TV to go on and off when away from home.
  • Remote access: control power outlets to turn on and off with the BRIGHTenergy app for iPhone.
  • One-touch control: shut down the power source of up to five devices with a single touch.

Tri Cascade’s proprietary BRIGHTenergy™ Cloud system provides control for users to instantly turn the i-BRIGHT7x Smart Surge Protector on or off at anytime, from anywhere, via the BRIGHTenergy website or app for iPhone.

“Tri Cascade’s i-BRIGHT7x Smart Surge Protector will change the way we use our electronic devices. For the first time, consumers can gain insight in to how their behaviors impact their energy costs and affect the environment through the use of the Tri Cascade i-BRIGHT7x Smart Surge Protector. By tracking benchmark reports, consumers can take notice of changes that need to be made in order to reduce costs and better predict energy needs based on their schedule patterns,” adds Lennon.

Estimated retail price for Tri Cascade’s i-BRIGHT7x Smart Surge Protector starts at $119.00 USD, and it currently available on AmazonTri Cascade, Inc., is an Internet of Things (IoT) and energy efficiency solutions provider headquartered in Newport Beach, CA.

Would you consider using the  i-BRIGHT7x on your home or office?  Share your thoughts below.

By Chase Ezell

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