ByEmerald Horizon

Aug 21, 2014

Bath salts are of the best ways to enhance the “me time” that comes with soaking in a luxurious hot tub after a long day. Bath salts are water-soluble, mineral-rich salts designed for use in your bath. Bath salts are naturally rich with minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, which help keep your skin soft, smooth and supple. Because these nutrients also cleanse and purify your skin, you’ll experience a difference in your skin’s radiance, texture and tone as well.

Sea Salt vs. Bath Salt

A grain of true bath salt is sea salt, which has been used for its health benefits by people around the world for centuries. The difference with bath salt versus sea salt is this: bath salt comes in many varieties. You can purchase it in many colors, textures and sizes. It can be naturally sourced and sold, or processed and modified by the supplier.

Benefits of Salt Baths

Bath salts have amazing benefits. They’re relaxing, rejuvenating and detoxifying. Adding bath salts to your bath is believed to help alleviate stress, tension, muscle soreness and even lower your blood pressure. Add some candles and music, and they’re extremely great additions for creating a true spa-like experience at a fraction of the price.

Salacia Sea Salts – Magnolia

Considering the fact that I absolutely love a soothing bath after a long week, I was stoked to try Salacia Salts’ Magnolia Bath Salts. This was gifted to Earth 911 on behalf of Uncommon Goods as part of their Blogger Review program.

Founded in 2012 by Cari Phelps, Salacia Salts holds a commitment to environmental conservation, natural beauty and holistic health. Salacia Salts products are sourced from 100 percent natural Atlantic sea salt. The salts are completely vegan and entirely free of sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals. They’re scented, mixed by hand and packaged in repurposed bottles. To use, simply pour three handfuls into your running bathwater for a calming and relaxing experience.


Not only did I absolutely love the pretty blue design of the upcycled wine bottle, I found the scent pretty sweet too. Magnolia is a strong and heady scent, kind of like a musky, floral incense. If you’re not into intense garden-like aromas that carry an opiate heat to them, you’re not going to like this scent. My editor didn’t care too much for it; saying that it smelled like Dimetapp, she joked that she hoped she didn’t ruin the experience for me. She didn’t; I actually enjoyed this scent. When I added it to my bath, it added a nice warm aroma to my experience, making it enjoyable and meditative. It didn’t linger around me when I emerged from my bath and it never felt unbearable or too strong at any time.

You’re supposed to use the accompanying canvas pouch to measure and pour the bath salts, but I used my hand and did three modest palmfuls of soap. The coarse, mineral texture is really Earthy, and the grains glisten like crystals under water when the light hits them. They dissolved fully as my bath progressed.

I emerged from my magnolia salt soak experience highly rejuvenated and pleasantly refreshed. I was so relaxed that I ended up going to bed a little earlier than expected, and even slept a little longer too. If you love musky florals and are searching for a high-quality sea salt for bath time pleasure, indulge yourself in the seductive heady Salacia Salts experience, one of many great green gifts, available through Uncommon Goods.

By Emerald Horizon

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