Crafting is always a fun way to keep kids entertained but it can oftentimes involve a lot of excess material, and, ultimately, waste. When done properly, however, crafting can be a super fun way to introduce your kids to the concept of repurposing on Earth Day.

So get your craft hat on, see what you’ve got lying around and get creative!

No-Peanut Butter Bird Feeders

When I was a kid, I remember making countless bird feeders by simply slathering some peanut butter on a pine cone and rolling it in seed. But this fun craft eliminates the use of peanut butter (and the pine cone) for a cute treat for your feathered friends.

DIY Bird Feeder
DIY Bird Feeder. Image courtesy Personal Creations.
  • Have your kids help you measure and mix 3/4 cup flour, 1/2 cup water, 1 envelope of unflavored gelatin and 3 tablespoons of corn syrup.
  • Once combined, add 3 to 4 cups of birdseed.
  • After the ingredients are all mixed together, little hands are perfect for spreading and flattening the seed mixture out onto a baking sheet.
  • Then use cookie cutters (or kids’ own hands!) to make fun shapes.
  • Poke a hole in the feeder, tie a string through it, leaving enough space to be able to hang it from a branch, and then allow the feeders to dry overnight.
  • Place them all around your garden to attract some bird friends!

Scrap Paper Earth

Regardless of how much you try to cut down on paper, if you’re a mom to young kids it’s very likely that you’re going to have some lying around. So put it to use! Gather your kids’ scraps of blue, white and green construction paper or tissue paper and let them go crazy tearing it into little pieces then gluing it in a circle to another piece of paper or a paper plate. Ta-da — an artsy Earth to display for Earth Day.

Recycled Crayons

Kids just don’t seem to want to use those broken crayons. But they don’t have to be destined for the garbage bin — remake them into brand new crayons!

  • First, set your kids to work gathering their broken crayons and peeling off the paper.
  • Next, put various bits (you can organize them by like color or get creative to make new multi-hued crayons) into mini muffin tins lined with silicone muffin cups or any silicone baking mold you choose. TIP — Don’t overfill the molds.
  • Next, put them into the oven preheated to 275 F degrees and let them melt for about three to five minutes. They are done when they begin to smoke slightly so be sure to keep an eye on them.
  • Lastly, remove them from the oven and allow to cool. Voila!

An easy way to give old crayons a new life this April 22!

Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder

Unless you’re using cloth toilet “paper” — and if so, we applaud you! — you probably have some toilet paper rolls in your recycling bin.

  • Dig them out so your kids can make cute pencil organizers for their desks.
  • Let them glue old wrapping paper or unused scrapbooking paper around the rolls, leaving about an inch on either end.
  • Then snip the excess into thin pieces that can be tucked over and glued to the inside of the roll for a finished look.
  • Finally, glue or paper clip a grouping of decorated rolls together and add ribbon, if you like.

If you use your creativity, you can make all kinds of fun crafts with your kids on Earth Day with items you likely already have around the house. Use your craft time not only to bond with your child, but to remind him or her of the importance (and fun!) of reusing and reposing, not just on Earth Day — but every day.

Feature image courtesy of Krissy and Dennis

By Molly Smith

Molly Cerreta Smith has been writing as a passion for as long as she could hold a pen and professionally for more than 15 years. Molly has hundreds of local and nationally published articles under her belt on topics including health and fitness, pregnancy and motherhood, food and dining, businesspeople, pets, travel, green living and love. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she loves reading, baking, sweating it out on a hiking trail or in a Zumba class, and engaging in “game nights” with her husband and their two kids.