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Carrot Apple Juice

Apples are in peak season almost everywhere in the U.S. right now, and due to a long shelf life, you’ll be able to find local carrots well into December no matter where you call home.

This immune-boosting juice combines these seasonal picks with ginger and lemon for a tasty, zesty, and nourishing beverage.

Get the full recipe at Simple Healthy Kitchen.

Immune-boosting Carrot Apple Juice
Carrot apple juice. Image courtesy of Simple Healthy Kitchen

Apple Cider Mimosas

The classic mimosa is a brunch staple, but local orange juice is tough to come by unless you live in the Southeast or Southwest. For a fun fall surprise, try mixing up your mimosas with apple cider, which can be sourced locally in most parts of the U.S.

To stick with the farm-to-table theme, be sure to choose a local cider. Sommelier, wine educator, and Vindulge blogger Mary Cressler chose one that was made only a few miles from her home. Not only are local picks less carbon-intensive, they tend to be fresher and tastier, too.

Get the full recipe at Vindulge.

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