earth sheltered home

A growing number of homeowners are taking steps to make their homes more sustainable. Some are adding solar panels for clean energy, upgrading windows to energy-efficient double-or triple-pane windows, or even modifying their roof into a green roof. But if building a new house is in your future, you might want to consider an earth-sheltered home.

Earth-sheltered homes incorporate the surrounding environment into their structure — whether built into a hillside or underground. Their unique structure helps preserve the surrounding landscape and protect against inclement weather. The earth’s insulation helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures, provides soundproofing, and reduces energy consumption — offering long-term savings.

Want to learn more? The following infographic from BigRentz explores the features of different types of earth-sheltered homes. Discover the benefits they offer to the environment and your comfort.

Earth Sheltered Homes

Infographic courtesy of BigRentz.

Feature image by Archi0780 [CC BY-SA], Wikimedia Commons

By Earth911

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