Nov 24, 2022
Tips to keep your home warm this winter

Did you know that heating is the most energy-consuming system in your home? Just heating the home accounts for 43% of an average household’s annual energy use. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your utility bill and save energy, you’re in the right place. Here are some earth-friendly tips to help you keep your house warm when temperatures drop.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Is your furniture blocking or covering any air vents? If so, this is most likely causing your heating system to work much harder than it should. To ensure that the heated air circulates throughout your home, move your furniture away from the radiator and air vents. Closing your heating vents also causes the heating system to work harder — and can even damage your furnace in the long run. Keep vents open so your furnace won’t have to overwork to keep your home warm.

2. Make a Home-Cooked Meal

An old-fashioned yet effective way to add warmth to your home is by cooking in the kitchen! Making home-cooked meals gives you more control over the ingredients in your food than buying prepared meals does. But even boiling water to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea will help warm your hands and the room!

3. Block Cold Drafts

While a well-insulated attic is a priority for keeping warm air in the house, your home can still lose over 25% of its heat through windows, doors, and floors. But don’t crank up the thermostat; there are several household items you can use to prevent drafts and keep your home cozy. For example, you can roll up towels and use them as draft stoppers at the base of doors, hang insulating window treatments, and add area rugs to a room.

Interested in learning more ways to keep your home warm this winter? Check out the infographic below, courtesy of HomeAdvisor.

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your House Warm

Feature image: Jill Wellington from Pixabay

This article was originally published on November 12, 2021.

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