Set Up Self-Watering Systems for Thirsty Plants

Drip irrigation system

A DIY drip irrigation system saves water and fertilizer, delivering the essentials directly to the root. Photo: Flickr/U.S. Department of Agriculture

Summer may officially be over, but in many parts of the country, it really doesn’t feel like it — especially to the lawns and gardens thirsty from weeks with little or no rain. So what can you do to make sure your plants thrive through the heat and drought? Hone your do-it-yourself skills by adding a self-watering system for your plants.

Several drip irrigation methods — along with some other creative watering methods — can be installed pretty easily. Drip irrigation, sometimes called trickle, micro or localized irrigation, will automate your watering job and save water and fertilizer, as it allows the water to slowly trickle directly to the roots of plants through a network of narrow tubes. Other methods use recycled water and systems made of plywood and two-liter bottles. Find out more about six DIY watering systems over at The Fun Times Guide. And remember, proper watering throughout autumn is a vital part of making sure your shrubs and trees make it through tough winter months.

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