Take These 8 Creative Ways To Repurpose Tires Out For A Spin

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Every tire on every car, truck and bus you see on the road will have to be replaced one day. It’s a fact. Thankfully, those hefty rings of rubber make some great crafting materials when it’s time to upgrade tires for safety reasons.

Why is it so important to repurpose tires? Check out this astonishing fact from the EPA – Nearly 300 million scrap tires are generated each year.

Thankfully, less than 10% of those tires actually make it to the landfills, thanks to aggressive recycling and repurposing efforts which turn tires into fuel, ground rubber, or material for civil engineering projects. There’s still 27 million tires heading to the landfills each year, though.

Considering you often have to pay a fee to recycle tires, too, wouldn’t it be great if you could repurpose them on your own? You can, with these unique and innovative ideas perfect for any skill level or crafting ability.

  1. Turn a tire into an easy seating solution either indoors or outdoors. Perfect for outdoor weather, tires can be painted in bright colors or left as-is for an industrial look. For the seating area in the center of the tire, cut a piece of wood in a circle to fit over the tire’s open interior. Cover with a weather-resistant foam and fabric for a decorative accent. Indoors, tires make great ottomans and unique chairs for entertaining, too, and are especially ideal for kids. Cover them with a thick sisal rope or string for chic style.
  2. The heaviness and sturdiness of tires, even when stacked, makes them a great material for end tables. Put a few on top of each other, add a glass table top, and you’ve got a piece of decor sure to bring on some comments from friends and family.
  3. tire swing

    Image courtesy of Wes Peck.

    Before the days of designer play sets, kids used to have fun on old-fashioned tire swings. There’s still nothing wrong with tire swings today and, in fact, tires can be used for all sorts of repurposed playground equipment. A climbing tower of tires can be built at home for a vertical challenge.

  4. Teeter totters can be created out of half of a tire and a piece of wood for younger children.
  5. For more leisurely play, a tire can be filled with sand for a self-contained sandbox.
  6. In the garden, why not use tires as hanging planters? Using some heavy duty rope or chain, attach the tire to a tree, rafter, or hook on the wall for a unique vertical planter.
  7. Tires also make excellent raised gardening beds, too. Simply lay a tire down flat in the yard or garden, fill with potting soil and add plants. Stack several up on top of each other for easier-to-reach raised gardens, or for plants with deep root systems.
  8. Yet another way to use tires in the garden is to create works of art for personalized “sculptures.” Using some paint, and maybe a saw, tires can be transformed into dragons, caterpillars, ladybugs, snowmen and even Minions.

Let your creativity go wild!

Feature image courtesy of Noel Hankamer

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