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The mattresses and pillows we sleep on all night affect how we feel all day. If you have suffered whiplash or have abnormal spinal curvature, you should consult with your doctor about the best pillow for your condition. But for the rest of us suffering from routine aches and pains, many of the greenest pillows on the market are also available in ergonomic designs.

Whether they are labeled ergonomic, orthopedic, chiropractic, contour, or cervical, here are the most eco-friendly pillows we could find for people with neck and back pain.

Holy Lamb Organics

Number two on our list of sustainable pillow companies, Holy Lamb Organics does everything a little bit differently. So you won’t find the standard scoop-shaped contour pillow here. But they do sell a neckroll pillow (a certified organic version is available, too) and a uniquely designed segmented orthopedic neck pillow. Developed in partnership with a chiropractor, the thin central channel has a neck bolster on each long edge. One bolster is thicker than the other, giving two options for neck support. The stuffing is Eco Wool, making this a perfect choice for people who find memory foam too hot.

Holy Lamb Organics orthopedic neck pillow
Holy Lamb Organics orthopedic neck pillow

White Lotus

While ranking in the middle of our top 10 greenest pillow companies for overall environmental performance, White Lotus makes two interesting choices for people with neck pain. Their KaPillow is a kapok-filled contour pillow. The pillow has a half-seam that makes the center shallower than the sides. Unlike most ergonomic pillows, the KaPillow is adjustable. Sleepers can add or remove stuffing to reach their desired firmness.

White Lotus also sells a buckwheat hull pillow. Buckwheat hulls are a certified organic natural material that conforms to the shape of the head like petroleum-based memory foam.

White Lotus kapok contour pillow
White Lotus kapok contour pillow

Organic Textiles

Organic Textiles makes a low-loft natural latex pillow, a dual-zone natural latex pillow, and an organic latex contour pillow. While the brand as a whole ranks sixth on our list of green pillow manufacturers, individually these pillows perform well. All three are covered in organic cotton and use natural latex instead of memory foam.

The low-loft pillow is available in two firmness levels and is designed for stomach sleepers or smaller individuals whose necks may be raised too high by standard cervical support pillows. The dual-zone pillow is firmer along the periphery and softer in the middle. It gets the best reviews from side sleepers who have suffered neck pain.

Their traditionally shaped contour pillow is made with certified organic latex and is available in two thicknesses.

Organic Textiles natural latex low-loft pillow
Organic Textiles natural latex low-loft pillow

Other Options

Savvy Rest makes a medium-firm Dunlop-formed latex pillow with a high, rounded edge. The most environmental thing about Snugglepedic’s made in the U.S. Trillow is the bamboo fiber cover. But those suffering from cervical lordotic curve and other back problems will appreciate the flexibility of its chiropractor-designed customizable features.


By Gemma Alexander

Gemma Alexander has an M.S. in urban horticulture and a backyard filled with native plants. After working in a genetics laboratory and at a landfill, she now writes about the environment, the arts and family. See more of her writing here.