eco-friendly holiday guide: men

The men on your gift list may not always be easy to buy for, and they may not give you a lot of clues about what they want, but thoughtful eco-friendly gifts are sure to make them happy. This round-up of sustainable holiday gifts for men satisfies the weirdness of 2020 and celebrates developments in eco-friendly design.

The Dress Shirt (and Tie)

If you’re gifting the man who never sees a holiday pass by without getting a new dress shirt, consider the offerings from, a sustainable fashion line for men. Stain-resistant and wrinkle-free, these high-performance, moisture-wicking dress shirts (and ties) are made using recycled plastic. Every shirt is the equivalent of 15 recycled plastic bottles!

&collar shirt and tie shirt and tie. Image source

On-the-Go Sanitizers

For the man in your life who is concerned about germs in this 2020 year but not a fan of scented hand sanitizers, there are alternatives that promise to deliver a super-deep clean, especially when he’s on the go. The HÄNS Swipe is specifically designed for keeping tech clean. Scour phones, tablets, fitness trackers, laptops, and more without using a wipe and without producing waste.

The pocket-size UV-C light sanitizer from UV Care USA sterilizes and eliminates germs wherever you go. A chemical-free way to clean, simply flip open the unit and press the “on” button for five seconds. The powerful light disinfects and destroys harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and molds. Great for sanitizing mobile phones, keyboards, doorknobs, countertops, and more.

UV Travel Sterilizers
UV Travel Sterilizer. Image source

Board Games

You could consider nearly every board game to be a sustainable gift. With good care, these stay in families for generations, played over and over again. Ideally, the versions you have are made with recyclable materials, but when the box breaks or you’re ready to retire the game, you can always donate it or reuse the game pieces in crafts. Here are some newbies and oldies that will get your favorite guy through the long winter:

  • Rubik’s Race: Fast-paced, highly competitive, this head-to-head, two-person game challenges players to slide the Rubik’s tiles to see who can match a pattern first.
  • Murder Mystery Case Files: You watch the documentaries and television crime dramas – now is your chance to solve the case.
  • Chess: Wooden chess sets never go out of style, and this is the kind of game that will keep you busy through any amount of quarantine.

Stocking Stuffers

Take care of his most basic needs with a personalized stocking stuffed with any of these goodies:

  • Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream: For any muscle pain on the body, this CBD cream soaks in quickly, minimizing pain (and it smells nice too!)
  • Drift Air Freshener: Does he suffer from a malodorous vehicle? Drift is a monthly subscription of wood air fresheners that clip to the car visor. Made in the USA from sustainably sourced cedarwood, they’re soaked in essential and fragrance oil to deliver real scents free of harmful chemicals.
  • Sneaker LAB: Utilizing biotechnology, Sneaker LAB offers biodegradable cleaning solutions packed in recyclable materials. It’s an officially Green Tag certified brand to keep his kicks clean and protected.
Wood visor air freshener
Drift wood visor freshener. Image source

A Comfortable Seat

Make this year’s big-ticket item a place where he can rest his weary bones, and look good doing so. Thos. Moser, Handmade American Furniture, is made for life and respectfully harvested using sustainable North American hardwoods. Consider the New Gloucester Rocker, made with a deep, comfortable rocker seat. Or invest in the Lolling Chair, which is shaped to emulate the curvature of the human form and cushioned in silky-soft tufted leather.

Thos. Moser Lolling Chair
Thos. Moser Lolling Chair. Image source

Hydropower in the Shower

Are you buying for a man who sings in the shower or loves to listen to music or his favorite podcast while he cleans up? Shower Power is an eco-friendly audio innovation that delivers an immersive, bold sound. The water flower in your shower powers this speaker, so it always stays charged and never needs to be removed. This hydropowered gadget installs easily onto any showerhead and is made with 100% recycled ocean plastic.

Hydropower shower speaker
Hydropower shower speaker. Image source

The Backpack That Saves His Back

BaxBag is promoted as “the world’s most comfortable backpack with patent-pending posture-correcting technology.” In short, form and function unite in this eco-friendly backpack that focuses on weight distribution to reduce back pain and discomfort, while still looking stylish. BaxBag has an ergonomic design that provides shoulder and lumbar support and allows the wearer to stand taller without straining their neck, shoulders, and back. And it’s made from eco-conscious materials, including recycled plastics, biodegradable rope, and eucalyptus fibers.

Baxbag posture correcting backpack
Baxbag posture correcting backpack. Image source

Sustainable Gifts for Men

Eco-friendly, sustainable holiday gifts for men are easy to find if you do your research. Seek out innovations for your standard under-the-tree items and you will undoubtedly find green versions of his favorites from companies that are focused on recyclable packaging and sustainable practices.