Capture The Light With A DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

Let’s face it: the Mason jar is enjoying a true revival since the days of holding Grandma’s sweet tea. Nowadays, mason jars are being used everywhere — even in some cool (and upcycled) decor!  We just love the idea of using mason jars for drinking out of, growing herbs and now — lighting up the night as an outdoor chandelier.

With just a few materials (that we’re willing to bet you can scrounge up around your house), you can have an outdoor mason jar chandelier. We got inspired by DIYInspired‘s tutorial and added a few inspirations of our own!

DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

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Before getting started, gather your materials.

  • You’ll need a sturdy stick, DIYInspired’s tutorial calls for one about two and a half feet in length, but you can probably couple a few shorter ones together for a trio of chandeliers, using smaller Mason jars to lighten the load of smaller sticks.
  • Next, you’ll need some sturdy twine. Get creative with colors — like duct tape which now comes in a myriad patterns and colors, twine no longer comes in just one hue. Match your twine with your outdoor furnishings for a polished end result. You could probably also give some sturdy gross-grain ribbon a try, so long as it’s sturdy enough to handle the weighted jars.
  • Next, you’ll need a few old Mason Jars. DIYInspired’s tutorial uses like sized jars, but we think varying the size and shape of the jars would look nice also. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own design style to this project.
  • Finally, you’ll need some pebbles, marbles or even dried beans, tea candles (we suggest battery-powered LED lights ones that will last for hours and hours!) and a pair of scissors.

Yep. That’s it!


  1. Fill each jar about a quarter way with the pebbles, marbles or beans and put the light on top.
  2. Next, double or even triple wind some twine or ribbon around each end of the stick, or sticks, measured to whatever length you want your chandelier to hang down. Don’t hang it yet, however.
  3. Next, tie some tightly around the mouth of the jar, and then for each jar you’re using for the chandelier, cut two equal lengths of twine or ribbon, loop it through the piece tied around the jars, then tie them to the stick. The jars should hang down several inches from the stick.
  4. Once you’ve finished tying all the jars to the stick, you’re ready to hang your outdoor Mason jar chandelier!

We don’t see the Mason jar’s popularity waning anytime soon so go ahead and use all those old jelly jars for even more decorating! They can be used for planting herbs; as organizers for pencils and pens on your desk or cotton balls and swabs in the bathroom; or as a simple centerpiece on the kitchen table when filled with some fresh-picked daisies.

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