Infographic: 8 Million Tons of Plastic Waste Enters Our Oceans Yearly

plastic waste in ocean

Eight million tons. That’s how much plastic waste enters our oceans every year. Where does it all end up? How does it affect our planet?

This infographic from Waterlogic follows the plastic trail to the gigantic garbage patches that have accumulated across the major oceans of the world. Learn which countries border on the patches, how many pieces of plastic are swirling in each, and the devastating impact on our oceans, wildlife, and humans.

What can you do? Dispose of all waste responsibly, pick up litter before it washes into sewers, and follow the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). Together, we can help promote sustainable resource and waste management, globally.

Infographic: plastic waste in our oceans

Infographic: Waterlogic

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