ByMolly Smith

May 12, 2015

May is one of the most beautiful months of the year to enjoy Mother Earth at her finest. So grab your family and friends and head outside! We’ve got 10 fun ways to enjoy the outdoors all month long.

10. Go Stargazing

Once the sun’s gone to bed for the night, light things up by spreading a blanket on the lawn, setting up a telescope and gazing at nature’s nightlights. A little prior research can help you determine your constellation and planet-sighting plan. In fact, according to EarthSky, this May Earth will be passing between the sun and Saturn, putting the ringed planet in prime view.

9. Play Ball!

Turn off those tablets, smartphones and televisions, and get your family and neighbors together for a backyard game of soccer, football or baseball. Keep it light, fun and friendly so players’ competitive streaks don’t get in the way of simply having a great time, win or lose.

Image courtesy of Patrick.

8. Hit Up a Farmer’s Market

Take a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood farmer’s market and support local purveyors of produce, meats and poultry and vendors with unique crafts and wares.

7. Fire Up the Grill

Between Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, the summer months are chock full of holidays that are synonymous with grilling. Get a head start on summer and grab some fresh vegetables (from that trip to the farmer’s market, perhaps?), some organic, free-range chicken or grass fed beef and get cookin’!

6. Clean Up a Park

Volunteer to clean up a local park or stretch of highway near your home, or organize a “beautification day” and spruce up your neighborhood elementary school, assisted living home or library by planting flowers or trees.

5. Beach It

Spend a lazy day sprawled out on a blanket with your toes dug into the sand, making castles with your kids on the shore of an ocean or lake. There is something utterly calming about soft waves lapping against the sand that just scream “summer’s coming!” Don’t forget the all-natural sunscreen!

4. Dine al fresco

Whether you pick up a quick grab-and-go salad or make an elaborate meal, take your eats outdoors for a fun family meal or romantic dinner à deux.

backyard camping
Image courtesy of Lance Couzens.

3. Pitch a Tent

Camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature. But if you don’t have the time to get away for an official camping trip, pitch a tent in your own backyard! Set up “camp” by roasting s’mores over a fire pit or chiminea and tell ghost stories all night long! Bonus — you can go inside instead of behind a tree when nature, ahem, calls.

2. Take a Hike

No really, go for a hike, a beautiful nature walk or challenge yourself on a mountain biking trail. Take advantage of May’s notoriously wonderful weather nationwide and get some exercise without being stuck inside the gym!

1. Kick Back in a Hammock

Is there anything more quintessentially spring than relaxing in a hammock? Pour yourself a nice tall glass of fresh-brewed green tea or fresh-squeezed lemonade and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Feature image courtesy of Ben Lamb

By Molly Smith

Molly Cerreta Smith has been writing as a passion for as long as she could hold a pen and professionally for more than 15 years. Molly has hundreds of local and nationally published articles under her belt on topics including health and fitness, pregnancy and motherhood, food and dining, businesspeople, pets, travel, green living and love. When she’s not putting pen to paper, she loves reading, baking, sweating it out on a hiking trail or in a Zumba class, and engaging in “game nights” with her husband and their two kids.