ByHaley Shapley

Nov 25, 2014

We knew we’d have fun playing GreenYrLife, a new Facebook game that helps you green your virtual life while also greening your personal life — we could customize our little eco-friendly home all day long! What we didn’t realize was how much we’d learn along the way.

The farther along you get in the game, the more you’re rewarded. The latest bonus content is a series of videos called “Today on Earth” hosted by Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, a marine biologist and the daughter of famed environmental activist David Suzuki.

Cullis-Suzuki does a great job of explaining some of the issues challenging the planet and how people are working to create solutions.

If you haven’t unlocked the bonus content yet, here’s a sneak peek at the kind of information you have to look forward to:

Water, Water Everywhere?
Seventy percent of the world’s fresh water is used for agriculture, but 220 million tons of food is thrown out or lost each year — leading to a big waste in that water. Curbing food waste and overhauling irrigation practices will help reduce this waste.

It’s Electric
Experts at MIT say we’ll only have to wait another decade for the breakthrough in electric car batteries to appear — making them cheaper and more efficient.

Kings of the Sea
In the future, the new rulers of the ocean could be jellyfish. Conditions for fish must improve to keep marine ecosystems from collapsing.

Soil Savers
Shifts in temperature can drastically change the micro-organisms in soil, meaning climate change could seriously affect soil’s ability to stay healthy.

Shilling for No Drilling
Ecuador is the first country asking for compensation to keep its oil in the ground, which happens to be in one of the most biodiverse regions on earth — they’ve raised $300 million so far and have suspended oil drilling indefinitely.

Want to find out more about these topics and plenty of others? Start playing GreenYrLife and see just how much greener — and smarter — you can become.

Editor’s Note: Earth911 partners with many industries, manufacturers and organizations to support its Recycling Directory, the largest in the nation, which is provided to consumers at no cost. GreenYrLife is one of these partners.

By Haley Shapley

Haley Shapley is based in Seattle, where recycling is just as cool as Macklemore, walking in the rain without an umbrella, and eating locally sourced food. She writes for a wide range of publications, covering everything from sustainability to fitness to travel. Read more of her work here.