There are plenty of conversations about outdoor air quality, but what about the home environment? Sure, we spend a lot of time outside the home, but indoor air quality is important to maintain as well. There are so many allergens, fumes and things trapped inside our homes that we rarely notice until it’s almost too late: someone comes over and makes a comment about the “cat smell” or someone gets an allergy attack. Thankfully, there are things you can do in order to improve your home’s indoor air quality naturally.

Buy safe cleaning products

It all starts with you. You have control over what you bring into your home, and you can start by purchasing safe housecleaning products that clean without releasing toxic fumes in the air. Vinegar and water are a very simple yet effective cleaning solution — and I bet they’re in your kitchen right now. You can freshen the scent up even more by adding a few drops of citrus or essential oil as well also.

Use natural home fragrances

Regular, store-bought fragrances may smell great, but they usually contain toxins that irritate and harm. Why go through the trouble — and the health risks — when you can simply use baking soda to absorb and neutralize odors, create your own potpourris to infuse a scent in the room or even design your own room spray with water, vodka and essential oils?

Groom your pets

Did you know almost 62 percent of American households have pets? Silly and simple but think about it: your dog or cat’s hair and pet dander can accumulate on the surfaces of your house quickly. Millions of pet owners are allergic to their furry friends, and the proteins found on a pet’s dander can trigger powerful reactions. (They can also collect outdoor allergens too. Uhm, yikes!) Giving your pet regular baths can control the amount of dander it releases. Sure, Fido may not like the idea of a bath too much, but hey, he loves having a place to live, right?

Open a window

Did you know that the EPA states, “Air within homes and buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities”? When you crack a window, you’re allowing your indoor air to mingle with the outside world, and allowing fresh air to come in. Stop shutting yourself indoors with all that stale, old air. Open a window and let the sunshine in!


By Emerald Horizon

Ms. Emerald Horizon … how do you begin to describe her? As her name suggests, she’s as sparkly and as intriguing as her namesake. She’s a wild woman that’s rumored to run with the wolves, hide in different corners of the world, enjoy sushi and dance. Most of all, Emerald is fearless and passionate when it comes to expressing thought-provoking views to inspire better treatment of Mother Earth and her precious resources.​