Dreaming Of An Eco Friendly Bedroom? We’ve Got It Covered

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Green can be more than a color paint for your room.

Your space needs to express who you are, especially if part of your identity includes being eco-friendly. Thankfully, showing how eco-friendly you are in your room is super easy to do. Here are tips for furnishing your entire bedroom with an eco-conscious mindset. Your eco friendly bedroom oasis awaits.

Eco Friendly Contemporary Home Altis IV in Sierra Mountain, Nevada

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An Eco-Friendly Bed

The bedroom is named after one particular piece of furniture, the bed. This is a great place to start to make your room greener. An eco-conscious mattress doesn’t mean you have to trade-off comfort, either.

Natural latex is a renewable, eco-friendly material that feels buoyant and contouring. Also, some memory foam mattresses are made with plant-based materials thus reducing the use of petrochemicals. Spring and futon mattresses can also be made with natural materials.

Look for a bed that uses organic, natural wool or cotton to wrap the mattress, as these materials are very abundant and highly renewable.

Greener Bedding

On top of choosing an eco-friendly mattress, adding organic cotton sheets will help make your bedroom green and clean. Wool comforters and other materials like hemp also make a great bedroom additions compared to petroleum-derived plastics and polyesters.

One study actually found that those who sleep on wool get deeper, more restful sleep, as wool helps regulate body temperatures and wicks away moisture as you sleep.

Choosing products grown organically and without chemical dyes keeps your bedroom air cleaner and helps the environment.

Recycled or Natural Furniture

Moving beyond your bed, it is also important to ensure that other furniture in your bedroom is eco-friendly and green.

Buying used furniture is a great way to make sure more materials aren’t being consumed for your room.  Selecting used furniture allows paints or varnishes to have had plenty of time to off-gas, thus improving your indoor air quality.

If you want to buy new, find furniture that uses recycled materials or sustainably harvested wood. Look for pieces with low-VOC paints, glues and finishes. Glass and metal furniture and furniture without foams will have a lower chance of containing VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Don’t forget the accents either! In terms of lighting, all of your bulbs should be CFLs or LEDs as they last longer than conventional bulbs. CFLs are known to outlast LEDs, but some prefer the light of LEDs instead. Fans and screened windows are also a greener alternative to air conditioning, and a few green plants can also help spruce up indoor air.

Choosing the Right Paint and Flooring

Bamboo stalks

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How your room is painted is extremely important. Most modern paints are low in VOCs, but some paints have virtually no VOCs, which is even better for the environment and your indoor environment. Apartment Therapy has a good blog post outlining some of the most eco-friendly paints on the market.

The floor of your room should also accurately reflect your eco-friendly lifestyle. Opt for a material like bamboo that, while not technically wood, grows quickly, which makes it extremely renewable. Large area rugs made from organic materials like sisal and hemp are also a great addition to add some accent colors without springing for full carpeting.

Calming Scents

Falling asleep with a pleasant scent is always a treat. The ease of spraying an aerosol is great, however, aerosol sprays come with unpleasant complications for the environment and your indoor air. Instead of using these canned scents, opt for essential oils to give your room the perfect relaxing smell. Mixing a few drops of oils like lavender and chamomile with water in a small spray bottle is a great way to freshen up linens for sweet-smelling dreams.

Of course, using all of these tips in one room might not be feasible for your space or budget, but small changes here and there can go a long way. Try combining a few of these decorating ideas into one room, and you’ll get a great space to support healthy sleep and a greener environment.

Do you have any green ideas for decorating? Let us know in the comments below.

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