Earth Day 101: Baby Steps to Going Green

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If you’re considering becoming more eco-conscious, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the “green” world — it’s not as intimidating as you think! Make a commitment to be kinder to the planet with these baby steps. While some of these may seem like givens, even the smallest change or changes can add up.

Beth Terry, My Plastic Free Life1. Ditch plastic

Okay, look around. You’re probably using more plastic in your daily routine than you’re even aware of — and we’re willing to bet cutting back won’t inconvenience you that much. One of the easiest ways to reduce plastic use is to stop buying bulk plastic water bottles and instead invest in a refillable BPA-free water bottle that you can use again and again. Instead of accepting those plastic bags at the grocery store, bring your own reusable bags, and use reusable containers for lunches instead of multiple plastic bags.

2. Save water

Moms, here’s the hard truth: You need a long, hot bath at the end of a long, hard day. We get it. But we’re here to tell you that your long-hot-bath reward is kind of hard on Earth’s resources. So we ask you, we beg you, to choose another option. Grab a glass of wine. Snuggle in with a good book. But please, reduce your bath habit by a few nights a week and you’ll be a green goddess in no time.

3. Cut down on paper

Technology can be a huge helper when it comes to cutting down on resources. There are numerous (free!) apps that can help you eliminate your paper calendar, notebook and sticky notes. You know you have a smartphone — put it to its full potential and help the planet in the meanwhile! Check out Tips For A Paperless Office, too.

4. Conserve energy

This is an easy one. Reduce energy easily by turning off lights or the television when you’re not in the room. Open the windows and take advantage of natural light (and weather!) when you have the chance. Reminding everyone in your family to turn off lights and other electronics when leaving the room or when not in use is a no-brainer that is easy for even toddlers to implement.

5. Visit a farmers’ market

Instead of buying your fruits and veggies from a huge grocery chain, support your local growers by visiting a farmers’ market to pick up some fresh organic produce.

6. Clean up your beauty routine

All those beauty products and cosmetics you’re using could be filled with chemicals that aren’t good for you or the planet. Do some research on how natural oils and even foods can serve to perfect your beauty regimen without damaging your skin or Mother Earth!

Truth be told, there are many shades of “green.” But doing small things to reduce your footprint on the planet can help you reach a deeper shade day by day!

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