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Each year, Earth Day reminds us that we all, collectively, must take care of this little blue and green home. After all, it’s the only one we have. Now it’s all too easy to slip back into old habits come April 23. So, why not try something a little different for Earth Day this year? This year, why not do something a little unorthodox — like take the Earth911 Earth Day Zero Waste Challenge Pledge?

Earth Day Zero Waste Challenge

So what exactly is the challenge? The challenge is quite simple — just two steps.


The first step is committing to the challenge by signing the Earth Day Pledge. Don’t worry, there won’t be armed men knocking on your door to check that you’ve complied at the end of the day. This is between you and the person you see in the mirror each morning. Signing the pledge form is merely a reminder to yourself that you’re committing to producing zero waste for one day: Earth Day. What better way to honor Earth than not trashing it — literally.

Earth Day Pledge 2016


Step two is taking action. If it sounds too daunting — creating zero waste for an entire day — we’ve got some great resources for you below. You just may find that going zero waste for a day isn’t that tall an order. One day may turn into a week. A week could turn into a month. You get the picture, hopefully. It’s all about small steps, small steps that when combined together translate into real change. Make this year’s Earth Day a game changer. As Bea Johnson detailed to Earth911:

“Zero waste really starts outside the home, with the decisions that we make when we shop. If you do not buy packaging (by buying secondhand and in bulk, for example), you don’t have to deal with its waste later.”

Finally, if you find yourself stumbling, don’t beat yourself up over it. Meaningful change comes with its share of setbacks and triumphs. If you live with others, communicate with them about your pledge and be prepared to experience possible resistance.

Zero-waste resources

Everything is bigger in Texas

Earth Day Texas
Earth Day Texas creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for thought and experiential learning while encouraging attendees to be the change they wish to see in the world. Image Credit: Earth Day Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and here is another example. Now the largest event of its type in the world, Earth Day Texas (EDT) is held annually in April to celebrate progress, hope and innovation bringing together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies, speakers, interactive programming and subject matter experts. Attendees will also enjoy numerous outdoor experiences, including live music, sustainable beer and food pavilions, electric bike test tracks and family activities. EDT creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for thought and experiential learning while encouraging attendees to be the change they wish to see in the world.

What are your Earth Day plans? Share your plans in the comments section below.

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