May 10, 2019
illustration of sunset behind mountains

Earth911 streamed the live webcast of the Earth’s Call launch event on May 18, 2019, featuring world-famous musicians and scientists committed to heal our planet.

Earth’s Call is a new nonprofit organization that was created to “quickly find and fund the most hopeful solutions to the most complex and immediate threat to mankind: the climate crisis.” The organization is partnering with Lever for Change and is developing relationships with other key nonprofits to come up with innovative solutions.

The live webcast included musical performances, inspirational talks, and immersive visual effects from Earth’s Call’s inaugural celebration. The musical lineup included Grammy-winning artists Patti LaBelle, Colbie Caillat, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Mickey Hart, and Anthony Hamilton. It also included the Earth’s Symphony Orchestra, led by Grammy-winning conductor CheChe Alara.

Learn more about Earth’s Call.

Feature image courtesy of Earth’s Call

By Earth911

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