This Christmas Sweater Is Guaranteed to Last 30 Years


As fun and festive as the holidays are, there’s no denying that this is a wasteful season — this time of year, trash accumulates faster, greenhouse gas emissions rise, and we spend a whole lot of time buying stuff that won’t even last until next December. U.K. fashion designer Tom Cridland wants to change that, which is why he’s created a Christmas sweater that’s guaranteed to last three decades.

“A combination of technology, luxury fabric and old-school craftsmanship make it built to last a lifetime,” he says. “In contrast to the needless cycle of consumption and waste that exists all over the world at Christmas, this is a garment truly built to last.”

If anything happens to your sweater between now and, oh, 2046, you can send it back and the company will repair it free of charge. Even the cost of return postage is on them.

Cridland founded his sustainable fashion line two and a half years ago and has made clothing for everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Clint Eastwood. In response to fast fashion and our throwaway culture, he hopes to lead the industry in protecting the earth’s natural resources by creating durable clothing.

Photo: Tom Cridland

Photo: Tom Cridland

The crew-cut-style holiday sweater is navy blue with ribbed trim and double-reinforced sleeve seams. It comes with either a Santa Claus or Christmas tree design. Each retails for £65 ($82), which may seem like a lot, but remember — that’s only $2.73 a year.

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