Springtime is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to exchange those winter boots for those open-toed sandals.  While you embrace the wardrobe exchange, this may also strike a hint of fear into your heart, because those chipped remains of a pedicure on your toes are about to be exposed to the world.

Sensibly, you’ll dive into your nail polish drawer for a quick DIY job, but before debuting your piggies to the world, consider what you’ll do with that polish bottle when it’s empty (or more realistically, when you’re tired of the color).

The U.S. EPA considers nail polish to be household hazardous waste (HHW) due to the toxic chemicals swarming within that bottle of shimmer and shine.  This means that tossing the bottle into the trash or recycling bin isn’t an option, and a smart, stylish gal like yourself wouldn’t dream of pouring it down the drain to contaminate water resources.

Learn how to recycle nail polish in your area.

Have no fear though, because your friendly Household Hazardous Waste facility is here to save the day! Simply say your goodbyes, take your old bottles to your nearest facility and these pros will lay them to rest safely.

Keep in mind that these facilities often only accept waste from residents of the county or city that owns them, so give them a call to confirm that you’re headed to the right place.  While you’re at it, gather those cans of old paint, motor oil and used cooking oil to be dropped off, too.

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