10 Health Remedies You Already Have in Your Kitchen


We’ve all heard that it’s good to drink orange juice and eat chicken noodle soup when we’re sick, but did you know there are plenty of other foods you can eat to help treat minor ailments like colds, seasonal allergies, upset stomachs and sore throats?

It turns out many items you already have in your kitchen can help relieve symptoms of common illnesses and even some chronic health problems. Click through to find out how you can put your kitchen to work for your health.

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Cayenne Pepper

Have ground cayenne in your spice rack? If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you might want to start eating more of it. Cayenne peppers are rich in quercetin, which prevents histamines from being released in the body.

Additionally, cayenne pepper stimulates digestion and circulation and is also sweat-inducing, which can help reduce fevers and relieve congestion, according to Discovery Health.

One study even suggested cayenne pepper may assist with weight loss under certain conditions because it decreased appetite in some of the study’s participants.

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